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Our Ambassadors



I’m Dennis from Braai&Snaai, 32 years old and I’ve owned a BBQ catering business for a few years. At this moment I write receipes and sometimes I organise workshops or a catering.

For years during my catering assignment I’ve used Saus.Guru and everyone was always really satisfied with this. The products are unique in taste. Mainly the most recent Pitmaster collection is amazing, you really notice the ingredients used in the sauce and rub.



My name is Anton and I’m 28 years old. For about 3 years I’ve been very serious in barbecuing. I have about 10 years of experience in the catering industry and with that I love the challenge of making new receipes.

I love to inspire and light a fire in others! The big diversity of tastes, sauces and condiments is why I love using Saus.Guru products in my dishes. You’ll find my creations on social media under the name @beerbqnl

Ralf Weymanns


My name is Ralf Weymanns and i am 36 years old. I love to cook for my family and friends.

I only use Saus.Guru for my hobby. I like Saus.Guru’s sauces and rubs, because they have a very special mixture of different flavors.

I never thought that Mango and cinnamon could match so good.

For every kind of food, Saus.Guru has a perfect sauce. I like to try new things and different flavors and I love to see the reaction of my guests when they try my food.

Bjorn Loohuis


Peter Jansen

Peet’s BBQ

Marco Müller

Marco Müller

Peter Bogner

My Food over the Years

I am Peter Bogner, 52 years old and for years grilling and cooking is my hobby.

With Saus.Guru products you have so much variation and that perfectly fits with the dishes I like to make.

Gerbrand Kruijssen


Gerband Kruijssen aka the Alchemist, 39 years old, from Eindhoven, 12 years catering experience both as a chef and a long time ago as a bartender. At the moment I am a Key Account Manager for a well-known tool brand.

Inspired by followers on social media, it’s my passion and hobby to create receipes among other things. That’s why I prefer to use the best products available and the unique products and tastes from Saus.Guru are a must-have in my kitchen. I fully commit to develop and cook receipes. At the start I used to make all my rubs and sauces myself, but I soon realised that Saus.Guru already perfected the art and so I don’t have to waste my time on this. A good example of this is the new Pitmaster Collection, a sauce like the Black Mojo I would never have come up with. If you make a saus as a professional for professionals, with the background of both Gurus then you get really special and awesome things.

Mark van der Kolk


My name is Mark, I am Pitmaster, receipewriter and owner of BBQ&More. I have a facebook page full of new weekly bbq receipes.

My love for food started from birth and since I was 14 my love for cooking started. BBQ/cooking calms me, it’s a way to end the week by using it as an outlet and a posibility to develop my creativity.

Dennis Werner

BBQ Held

Dennis werner, 28 years young, used to be a chef and now Guru at Saus.Guru, demo and event chef, and the right hand of the Maurice.

‘I like to get High on my own supply!’ It started with a 500ml bottle of black pepper that I won at an event from Saus.Guru. Both in the catering industry and at home these products are a true addition to any dish. Creating flavor combinations and true works of art, inspire others and the passion to share with others.

The rating of saus.guru at Webshop Trustmark Reviews is 9.6/10 based on 217 reviews.